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Being a COP and a Community Member of Olympus Ent.

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I played on this server for about 6 months now, before even joining and being apart of this community or joining the APD. I been having fun playing as a Civ and getting into fights with other Civs. Since I took time off and joined other servers, they don't have nothing towards you guys! I played as a Lt, Cpt, Sgt even was a Chief of Police and EMS. These servers don't have a bad ass Role-play NATION like this server have. I left those server due to lack of gaming from the community and members. Been an Admin and Mod for one server that feel apart due to lack of members and didn't have a bad ass script-writer.....smh. So I left and came back home to Olympus! I mean I never had a cool Sgt, Cpt or Lt that treats each other with respect and still have fun. 


Seeing people in the AM playing and doing runs, before the SERVER TRUCE is up..... SERVER TRUCE! I never even heard of that before! I mean I never had so much fun being a cop and making hell of a lot of money doing it. Role-playing with Civs and taking bad asses to jail with high as BOUNTY! Damn I mean shiiiiit I'm loving the fun. Since I came back I've decided to make a Youtube channel to create a series and make new friends a long the way. Now since I've been playing as a Cop and got Promoted to Patrol Officer within two weeks of being a Deputy. I never got promoted so fast just by my videos of being a Cop. Thanks to Snake, he's been a cool Kat from the start when he interviewed me and played me like I failed when I passed lol. I got you Snake bro lol. 


I'm loving the fun and the respect of the community, you guys make my Arma 3 days of playing fun. Now I have a new series of me playing as a Rebel and getting into bad ass fun against other Rebels. Plus another Cop video coming soon, so yeah man I will be doing this til my time of playing Arma is over...... Or not lol. Next year I will be streaming also and having fun doing it with you guys. I hope you guys will come thru and chill with me in the AM. I would love to see you guys there! 




~D.O.G TheNextGamerBOSS

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