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  1. Happy birthday dude!


  2. Well I guess I'm out guys! I see you in the future!

  3. What's good guys! BIGZay here or some of you know me as D.O.G, but I leaving the APD due to I don't feel like I wont be able to climb the ladder to greatness. Besides the RDMing and VDMing Civs that are in Kavala, I still had fun doing my thing as a Cop. I wish the best to all the Deputies and P.O's in their Journey to become Sgt's or Lt's. So I am leaving Olympus cause I want to focus on doing my thing for my school, basketball and Family. I want to continue staying with you guys, but I wont be able to stay focus on the things I want to do and get done. So yeah I wish you guys the best in years to come and continue being the best guys! Much love from the BedStuy's Baller BIGZay and I see you guys when I come back to visit! PEACE!
  4. Just woke up and now time to get back to what I was doing. That's if I don't get killed by ppl who can't Roleplay at all.

  5. Everyone hates me, damn thats fucked up

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    2. BIGZay


      What? Naw Im a Lone Wolf bro, But I will use the Tree as my toilet tho! lol jk

    3. Tman15tmb


      D.O.G nobody hates you bro

    4. Fedot


      Saying "No Offense" doesn't mean im not gonna take offense

  6. Even though we didn't work together, but I wish you the best bro
  7. Let's not talk about how he was a cop and not knowing the rules of illegal landing in the City? Like are you serious bro? Just Saying
  8. After coming back from my short break, I finally got into my gear and ready for action while being greeted by new Deputies who was happy to see a P.O. on duty. While talking and taking care of civs who need help. We ran into some trouble with a group of civs who wanted to kill us Cops and place Terror onto our city. We was ready and had more cops getting on duty while the Terror was being called in. Deputies Andrew, AngryCow and P.O. Thanatos held it down, while taking care of other RDMer's who wanted to be an ass and get into trouble with the law. With that being said three civs came to Kavala in Ifrits, 50. cal offroad and placing bombs near HQ was trying to take over and failed to do so, due to the teamwork of the APD and holding it down in the Square of Kavala! I want to say that some of the civs did help out and turn themselves in while the terror was happening. When that was done I had some civs come to me and complained about an officer who didn't want to do his job and the civ was HIGHLY pissed of at this officer's action towards him. I try to help out the civ by asking him questions and letting him know that I understand and will speak to the officer, but I cant take no actions on what he did because I wasn't there at the moment. Now I know Im not a Sgt nor a Cpl., but I told the civ before sending him off to jail that wish I can help you, but just notify a APD higher up and they will assist you with anything. The civ yet was upset, but then again he was cool that I'd help him and talk to him about the situation that happened in Kavala. He felt that if we Cops are there just for the Bounty and not for the Roleplay action. But the Civ was sent to jail and he actually texted me saying thankyou and he will see me soon! I have pics of what went down in Kavala and I hope you guys check It out and give the Officers a big Hooray for their brave work! Add my steam and check it out on my Screenshot page! http://steamcommunity.com/id/BIGZayYouTube
  9. Sorry I haven't been on lately due to school and work, plus family. I'm back to get into some action with the APD and run the streets as a CIV! Who's READY!
  10. BIGZay


    I normally do Diamonds, but since I joined a gang I do Heroine and Cocaine with them. Easy money, but a LOT of gun battles!
  11. I want to be a R&R. Where can I go to be one?

    1. Det. Payne

      Det. Payne

      The support tab up top, there's apps

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