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  1. Screenshots not showing up, I could offer 2 mil.
  2. Any 4 craters for sale for meth.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrY_CSRkV6M
  4. *Drops couple hundred thousand on a suppressors just to accidentally hit some power lines and lose it*
  5. Dolph

    Buying tasers.

    Drop the taser you have and price you want for it below.
  6. strictly for research purposes, just smoked 6 grams, leave responses below
  7. Happy birthday dude!


  8. Can you maybe elaborate on why you want this to be? I know this is in general chit chat but you are better off explaining why people should agree with you to bring these back.
  9. Dolph


    lol just applied and gonna go in for my interview later
  10. Dolph


    Whats up guys, I'm Luke and I'm currently in high school and play hockey. I'm in a gang but I always look for people to do runs with. Hope everyone has some fun and don't rdm, please engage!
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