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Daniel Avital

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Hello, my name is Daniel, my arma name at the moment is Daniel AV

I have been playing arma for about 2 years, but took a long break in the middle of that 2 years.

I'm a paranoid guy, if I'm in a salt mine or some shit, I will text you to go somewhere mine farther away from me, or I will hire some dude to guard me.

I don't rob people unless I need to, do not fear me. Weather in kill zone area's or not. I will not fire unless fired upon. Will not rob unless absolutely necessary.

I love medics, always give me rides, don't snitch on me when I have illegal shit. I salute you medics.

I'm bad at meeting people on purpose, but if someone walks up to me and we start talking then it won't be awkward for me at all.

Hope to see ya in-game.


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