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I'm posting this today because there's been quite a lot of bad press kicking about around the Admins lately, and my experience on the server last night. I've got to say, I'm actually quite happy with their activity.


I was alone in Kavala last night on Server 1, playing Cop, and there was a decent bit of RDM going on. Then boosh, out of nowhere and without any warning, a wild Travis appears, swinging the ban hammer about like an absolute boss. it was a pleasant surprise.


Alongside that, I see a lot of Staff members kicking about actually playing the game. Even though they're playing the game, this is actually pretty effective because they get to experience the rulebreakers first hand and can be dealt with instantly instead of going through the route of a ticket. So I wouldnt always assume it is a bad thing when they play as, in my experience of being admin elsewhere, I always had my admin hat on even when enjoying myself and fooling around.


And finally, post by Poseidon just sums it all up. Even though the admins might not be present at all times, there are competent measures in place to ensure the best possible chance at catching the scum. 


It kinda puts things into perspective when you're the only Cop in Kavala with about 20/25 people running around and every two seconds someone is screaming your name, and I only had that for three hours. I cant imagine how it feels to have it 24/7. 


I guess I just wanted to say thanks. 


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Imagine if all of the admins put ACTUALLY playing the game and having fun above their unpaid job of being an admin.  Server would be in the dumps.  But they don't, I do like to think that they enjoy what they do but it can be stressful and you guys don't get the recognition you need.  Good talk Marbles.  Thank you guys, you do more then most see, everyone needs to stop bitching about yall doing nothing.

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I was vigi beside Marbles during the ban hammer swinging :P

it was epic sauce. 

I imagined a Viking in Kavala with rooks being shot his direction fending off the bullets with each swing of his axe and obliterating their RDM/VDM souls into the river styx.

Im sorry but i cant handle that you just mized nordic and greek mythology... its making me cringe.

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