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Locked Moderator Application

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Welcome to the Olympus Moderator Center.

Thank you for your interest in our moderator position, please follow the guideline and requirements for the application.

Be sure to read the below Moderator Guidelines before applying.


Below will cover some of the basic aspects if you become a Moderator on the Olympus Servers.

Keep in mind as a moderator you are NOT an admin. You are simply to help enforce the rules, answer questions and assist players as needed. You are the link between the player base and the admins so that information and problems are not missed or forgotten. As a moderator you are a staff member and expected to act as such. Abusing your Moderator status in anyway will lead to removal and/or a ban. If you are unsure of a rule or do not agree with what is in place then come to an admin before doing anything.



  • Must be at least 18 and mature.  Exceptions can be made based on the Admins judgement.
  • Must know and fully understand all server rules
  • Must be unbiased to all players
  • Must not have any issues with being banned on our servers within the last 6 months
  • Previous bans may still impact acceptance however.
  • Must have a calm head on your shoulders
  • Must fully understand roleplay
  • Must partake in one of the following
    • Currently Active support team member, must have a TIG of at LEAST 2 Months
    • Senior of a Faction (Senior APD/Senior R&R)
    • A Retired Staff Member
    • Retired Senior Support Team Member
      • Certain Exceptions can be made
        • I.E. Having a very extensive and positive record as a regular Support Team Member
  • Must be willing to help with server, website and/or Teamspeak/Discord duties as needed
  • Must have at least a minimum of 1 month on the server. This includes being active, known and trusted among the player base and other staff
  • Must have a mic and able to speak clear English so players can hear and understand you.
  • Can not be a staff, Mod, Admin on any other Arma server.
  • This does not mean you can't play on other servers you just can't be someone that helps with the day to day operations of them servers.


  • Possibly kicking and/or banning of players that are breaking server rules
  • Possibly dealing with Player Reports
  • Overseeing some aspects of the website forums
  • Overseeing some aspects of teamspeak
  • Overseeing some aspects of Discord
  • Answering player questions when needed
  • Assisting players on Teamspeak, in-game and on the website when needed
  • Reporting players, issues, bugs, exploits, ect to the Admins
  • Directing players to the ticket system or forums when an issue has arisen that can't be solved within game
  • Working together with the whole Administration

If you feel as though you do not fit into anything listed above DO NOT apply. We take staff members very serious and if you are found to be breaking the rules in any way you will be removed and/or banned.

If you feel you may fit the role we are looking for then take the below information, paste it into the Staff ticket and be sure to answer all questions.


Times Available:

  1. What time zone do you live in?
  2. Are there days or times you cannot play?
  3. What are your normal playtimes?
  4. Do you work or go to school?

Server Related:

  1. Do you meet all of the requirements outlined above? If you don't, which ones?
  2. How long have you been playing on Olympus?
  3. Have you ever had any bans from our servers?
  4. Have you had any previous experience moderating?
  5. Why do you want to become a Moderator?
  6. Why should the Olympus Admin Team consider you?
  7. Do you know, understand and accept our rule-set?

Personal Info:

  1. What is your Age?
  2. How well do you work with a team?
  3. Can you work well under pressure?
  4. How would you describe yourself?
  5. How are your people skills?
  6. How would others describe you?
  7. What are your strengths?
  8. What are your weaknesses?
  9. How are you at handling multiple tasks at one time?
  10. How would you react if a decision was over-ruled by a higher rank?
  11. Anything else you would like to add?

Be sure to separate each line with a space so we are able to easily read your application


Good Luck!

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