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Shooting Out Orcas Practice

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So as a cartel fighter, I'd like to work on my ability to shoot someone out of a pilot's seat.

Therefore, I spent 30 minutes on a workshop scenario in which I could do exactly this. No strings attached.



Here's the link to the workshop. Please leave any criticism if you feel necessary, I'd like to improve it. 


Oh yeah, it is set at OG cartel. 

Most of all guns available on olympus are set with a variety of scopes.

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Sorry if it seems fishy, I made it half asleep and I can promise that you can't get IPs through steam or else I wouldn't feel safe posting something from my own Steam.


Also, sorry about not having any screenshots, I am currently busy but I will post some in a bit so that you don't just have to guess what kind of practice it is.

3 hours ago, SPBojo said:

Well fuck, there goes my IP again :FeelsBad:


jk, has potential to be quite the helpful thing for people who struggle with this, good job! :) 

Thanks. :)

Ok, I have some basic screenshots if it helps, 



I wanted to post the actual screenshots from the workshop but they were too large so I had to screenshot the screenshots.

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