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Quitting arma so selling everything for cheap:

dp17 house best offer (4 crater)

kavala house right by hospital best offer (4 crater)

dp22 house best offer (4 crater)

dp3 server 2 house 2 crater 500k 

spar 16 tazer 80k

l10 pilot coveralls 100k each

5mx tazers 80k each

1 45 pistol 10k

1 type 115 150k

2 spar 16s 350k

gave most my warpoints away but have like 10-15 left if anyone wants them doubt it tho sell them for like 8k a war point

also have like normal gear in the houses if anyone wants mk1s and shit for 10k lolol

also might have 2 more houses idk prolly lost them due to me not playing no more


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