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The thing you need to keep in mind is that the 780ti is built specifically for gaming, while the titan series is build for game development. In very simple terms, the 780ti has a higher base clock rate while the Titan Z has a very high amount of video ram, much higher than the 780ti. I would recommend purchasing the 780ti, unless you're playing on three monitors at 4K+ resolution. The price of the Titan Z does not make up for the extra performance that it has over the 780ti.


PS. When I say "playing on three monitors" I DO NOT mean one screen with your game and two companion displays that have your web browser and teamspeak. I'm talking having your game on all three monitors at the same time. Ex: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/uR1Cy75DOXE/maxresdefault.jpg

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No offense to you of course, however as Jorbis said the Titan Z would be great, we all dream of it, however it is not practical to have a Titan Z when you are only gonna play ArmA. Unless you want to spend another 5k to get your computer to be able to run the Titan Z it is not worth it... 780 TI is perfect! 

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