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Why I Love Shadowplay

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[Only works if you have a geforce graphics card]

So if you are going to fill out a player report it says you must have some kind of evidence whether it is screenshots or a video.

If you have a geforce graphics card you have most likely heard of shadowplay: http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/shadowplay

You can set this up so that is is temporarily recording in the background while you play and it causes a very small frame drop, nothing very noticeable. 

Without shadowplay on I run arma at a solid 60fps, with it on I run around 55-60fps. You can set this up so that with a press of a button, the past 5 minutes (or however many minutes, you can change this) will be saved to your computer. So if you ever end up getting rdmed just press the hotkey and you have all the footage.

Here are some screenshots:






You shouldn't use this tool just for catching RDMers and things like that. It is a great recording device overall. Obviously it has a non-shadow mode where you can start the recording manually and end it manually. There is also a manual recording/shadow setting which allows both at the same time. So you can save the last 5 minutes of action and begin manually recording!

The quality comes out great, even at medium quality it is 60fps and it looks amazing.  :)

I hope someone found this effective!

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AMD Gvr or as it is also called : raptr

its not only for amd and supports more.


just for that and how to set it up. i quickly did some screen shots. but you should have no trouble with that at all as its way to easy.


if you have installed and launch it. push the home button and you will see :1 

if you want to go to the settings you simply hover with your mouse over record to get as followed : 2

select the minute's you want it to capture in the past. enable or disable your own microphone/webcam/game sounds as followed : 3

then you go to the top Tab's and select Quality. here you select what quality you want to record. just select one of the pre-sets low/med/high : 4

last you can select where to store it. to do so select Location's tab at the top. set it up as you want or leave it standard : 5


btw at pic 4 you can see i have selected Optimize videos for upload and share. this is for there Plays.tv. not that i use it a lot. but it could be handy in my opinion 



and yea i love this. Shadow play is really good for nfidia users. otherwise i would suggest Raptr

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