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Haven't been around for a while - I've mostly left Olympus, so...goodbye chaps!

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Hey guys, it's been months  since I was on and I thought I'd let whoever may be wondering know I'm pretty much finished with Olympus, I'm afraid.


No major issues with the server or anything, I just have come to find AL a little...boring I suppose. I hear you guys had a wipe which is both interesting and annoying for some of you big spenders out there!


But yeah, what it's come down to recently is that I've been accepted onto DayZRP and have been having a blast with that - would highly recommend that to anyone looking for a solid RP community for DayZ SA. I just like the level of customisation and complexity you can have in DayZ over A3 - I've made a series of DZRP short films on RP on my YouTube linked below if any of you are interested in seeing how it all works.


I still do crank out quite a bit of KOTH on A3, so feel free to say hello if you see me - I play Aussie and American servers and my IGN is the same as it was in AL - "Andrew Applepicker". I did actually meet one of you guys on there, Max, from the APD who recognised me so that was nice.


But yeah, I still have a fair bit of footage to sort through that I recorded on Olympus - jailbreaks, MK18 sniping (incl one shot where I curved it over a roof for the headshot!) and some interesting runs etc so those will be posted in due time - I'm just too busy with work for the next month-ish to do anything with it at the moment.


Also, just to say, I may well pop in to the server to get up to some crazy stuff now and then - when my friend who some may know Donnie Donaldson, comes on and asks if I'm down for some AL the answer is always yes, as we just have a blast playing together.


Anyway, take it easy everyone, stay awesome and I shall see you around!


The Gent.

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