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Ma name is whaa, my name is whoo, my name is andrewww

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 I'm Andrew, an English gamer (Go on, keep da hate coming. Your tears power me, nuwbs). I do Media L2 in College (1 year course) and next year I'll be doing Game Development L3 for 2 years and then University. I've also got Military training exepirence which I have been doing with 4th Battalion of The Rifles and achieved the rank of Corporal with Senior Instructor distinction, High Level Field Craft, First Aid At Work and Defib certificate junk. A lot of good things looking on CV basically.


So far, and hopefully forever I have not been banned nor warned for breaking any server rules (Unless stealing things from Ares' backpack is against the rules...); I'd rather blow on the cold then touch the hot and get banned (No, not burnt - banned.) I love flying helicopters, especially the Hummingbird, I'm still improving my landing skills; they are more advanced then most people on the server when it comes to combat yet not top notch like McDilli's. I've achieved the rank of Patrol Officer within the APD, aiming for Corporal as my highest expectation. Maybe once I achieve the Corporal rank I will decide that the higher rank positions will be right for me, but right now I'd personally dislike to be a Sergeant. In addition, I am part of Moob & Co at the rank of Private and "Bojo's Quick Response Team" member, so if our cartels start getting taken you will see me half way there! Oh, also I'm broke so ggwp.


 I used to play League of Legends and other MOBA's but LoL was my major once, been playing it for 3 or 4 years now? I registered during the closed beta hence I got the swaggy Rammus. I no longer play LoL, I was once a Gold IV but due to inactivity, when you could still drop divisions, I went down to Silver V - playing one game ever 2nd Month was not the best. I now semi-play Heroes of The Storm.


 I've been messing round with photoshop for past few years, I make signatures for people I like whenever I feel like it as they all add up to my portfolio for University so it's a win-win situation for me; if you want an example look at Ares' signature, or Gary's (If he ever puts it on) or mine. Or if you simply want to see more then just ask me on TS or PM me, up to you.


 Not only that, but also I am a Developer. I've started by learning Python and moved onto Java, I've made a few small Tilted-view RPG Games where you can craft your own tools, mine stuff and survive (RPG MineCraft practically...)

Recently, due to Poseidon getting me interested, I've started to learn SQF which is the language used for ArmA 3 Scripting. I've got my own lan server which Altis Life installed where I've been messing around, remade most of Olympus on it with the improvements that I think work best. Eventually, when I get more familiar with Altis Life code structure instead of just saying 'Oh this would be great if X did Y' I will actually provide code sample, to ease Poseidons life a little ^-^


Idek what else to answer, just hai i guess.



My name is Andrew.

I like to shoot people in da face

Part of MC

Patrol Officer

I do forum sig's

I can code

I type a lot when things are downloading




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