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  1. I saw the post and I thought it'll be a 'News Team Member' post, they post cringey shit.. right?
  2. You're thinking of some other pedo that played on Olympus
  3. I respect you.
  4. He is basing it off 'big gangs' - ones that would be able to fight cartels. Not scat gangs. I come play now and then with some friends and it's dead compared to what it used to be back in the day.
  5. Haven't had one in past few months. Solution: Uninstall
  6. I haven't gotten a shoutout therefore I will not like it. Also, you never fixed my status update perms Reported </3 @Bubbaloo Burrito
  7. So do I, post has been perma deleted by him though as he said something and when I quoted it and said "Thats no way for head admin to talk" he got pissy
  8. Perhaps H1Z1 will now have some time played ever since the purchase. Despite our differences Moob, you gave me a chance at putting my name out when you got me into MC long time ago. o7
  9. Can't help but notice... "TanoaServer"
  10. Welp, Poseidon better double check the code to find the nasty little exploit he put in
  11. Level 1 is too slow and Level 4 is too fast, if I pull out my calculator operated by Korean children I can tell you that manoeuvrability two or three is what you're looking for.
  12. At this point I'm not sure if bad troll or just.. stupid.