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  1. u still ded?

    1. iPopsicle
    2. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      he was last seen on my bday in 2015:thinking-face_1f914:

    3. LiL J

      LiL J

      thats my bday too wtf

  2. Ahh sorry I should of added most gestures are with guns except for shift + 8.
  3. Been there man, you need any help, let me know via PM.
  4. Great Admin. Horrible pilot RIP [OS] Ares, Hello Ares
  5. He could of seen him with the gun out, probable cause with drug trafficking to check licenses / search. Didn't see a firearms license and then went from there. If he didn't take your gun, searching your player doesn't remove licenses.
  6. Nah Gary is infront of me b.
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