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  1. whoever trynna sell their overwatch account they dont use, hit my boys @ChrisGG and @Dominick Ramosup. no olympus money involved

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fernando_


      how much for a diamond account?

    3. Dominick Ramos

      Dominick Ramos

      do not hit me up i dont actually want shit

    4. lil boat

      lil boat

      nvrm, they broke boys

  2. Happy burtday smol boat 

  3. 700m from Sofia Rebel for quick gearing up whoever trynna buy hmu, ill take any offer tbh , trying to get rid of it
  4. what is this "right panel next" and "right panel mode". its so dumb

    1. Jmb


      gps options

    2. lil boat

      lil boat

      18 minutes ago, Jmb said:

      gps options

      am i dumb? because i cant find that

    3. Jmb


      i mean the scrollwheel options are for the gps, don't think you can disable it/remove the options

  5. @TheCmdrRex lets just lock this post. this kid has gone insane.
  6. nothing, what you said was just a good ol knee slapper
  7. You didn't even use correct punctuation. what?

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