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  1. I dont know why you are talking you tried to make me and tom feel bad for you because you had "Cancer" still got denied xd.
  2. https://gyazo.com/3684c5d3fc01202505c2d6a1ae54114f offer 1 crater
  3. Mar-10 offer
  4. I have pilot coveralls and ha special carrier rig the one from bw
  5. 157
  6. "Gang Wars"
  7. Bloodmoon owes me 2 mil
  8. Pay up or get hit
  9. Are u buying my dude
  10. What happens to the special clothing for the gang wars winners?
  11. D Carrier lites E F i b S
  12. 11,857Total Members Asylum 14,200Total Members Olympus ??????

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