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  1. @ArX paper plate 

    1. ArX


      ceramic plate?

  2. Hiii

    i think its the last olympus one or something i heard i know dashtonic is hosting next one i think
  3. Hiii

    whats different this time around cause the roster looks even shitter than last hahah
  4. Hiii

    u can't be joking about that man...
  5. Hiii

    Another easy 2-0
  6. ur never unbanned how u feel
  7. selling a strider cheap just pm me offers

  8. Hiii

    what ever he sells them for i'll do 5 less
  9. Anyone selling a dp 22 2 crater s1

  10. Hiii

  11. Hiii

    get out of moobs ass pls
  12. Hiii

    hacker on our team wow ur a retard
  13. Hiii

    Even when ur on playing arma its with us lol 2 faced snake.

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