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  1. Yeah im fucking in! Easily be most richest soon
  2. Steelseries Rival 700 @Young Mogul as i quoted 'Its Just a joke, Nobody needs to flame.....'.
  3. Imagine on that dry wood, my mouse would be flat after all the scraping over months xD
  4. yeye steelseries mousepad aswell just took the mouse of couldent see the mouse with the pad underneath
  5. Just incase I forget, Now all I have to do is glance down at the small screen on my mouse exde You just never know..... Its Just a joke, Nobody needs to flame.....
  6. twitch.tv/imgafski
  7. Add me
  8. Anybody have any server 2 DP23 Houses for sale? (at least 2 craters)
  9. Im back streaming CSGO, Come trash talk to me! Twitch.tv/imgafski <3
  10. Easy H1Z1 Kills.
  11. Twitch.tv/imgafski - H1Z1 - With the MC Boys oh and DJDarkMunk

  12. Wasted like 30 seconds of my life, Cheers.
  13. oh ok then, that will feel like the longest two weeks ever lol
  14. we need to see the picture off the beast powered up though dili

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