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  1. maiko

    "Olympus Gang: Blackwater" sure buddy good luck with that one What are you his personal whiteknight? Off my dick nigga my dead nan has more sense than you, back to the plane retard
  2. maiko

    shut up retard
  3. connor connor on the wall who is the eggiest of them all

  4. maiko

    Pretty sure Peter said its the last one or a staff member did...
  5. maiko

    there won't be a next one, this was the last one
  6. maiko

    who are u?
  7. maiko

    more excuses bucko cya thx buh bye whomped clapped slapped destroyed rekt
  8. maiko

    cletus tooth, jeb, last, xeltini aaaaaaaaaand bgk hard times bro
  9. maiko

    no, cpu is shit. you might as well save up for an i7 4770k or 4790k and more ram and a new motherboard if you're up for it.

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