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  1. Connor McGregor

    6 mil
  2. hows the neck big man!!

    1. mon5t3r


      Best arma gang around btw, i think The Increment from gtarp is beating yall

  3. Connor McGregor

    You're retarded.
  4. Connor McGregor

    Gang wars should be every 2-3 months other than that it's fine the way it is, what we do need is a "league" that happens at certain times each week where you hold the cap and after the time is up the team holding the cap gets points then at the end of the month prizes are handed out for the top 3. Makes people have something to fight for and is frequent.
  5. Connor McGregor

    What was the reasoning behind why night cycle won't be sped up?
  6. easiest gang wars yet

  7. Connor McGregor

    Maybe next one bud...
  8. Connor McGregor

    You won't even make it to the finals so you wont have to worry about getting whomped by us.
  9. Connor McGregor

    I've never had you added or done a run with you, must be another connor lmao.
  10. Connor McGregor

    It's cute you think you will win hahaha, wait and see retard.
  11. Connor McGregor

    About time
  12. Connor McGregor

  13. Connor McGregor

    Buying all pilot coveralls

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