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  1. This again...

    1. Xlax


      what did you get permed for?

    2. Vac.


      8 minutes ago, Xlax said:

      what did you get permed for?


  2. randy false banned

    1. codethebeast


      lolll kid went off the other day


    2. Randyy


      3 minutes ago, codethebeast said:

      lolll kid went off the other day


      all legit

    3. Linka


      2 hours ago, codethebeast said:

      lolll kid went off the other day


      I guess it’s weird to see players with finger huh 

  3. ahhahahaha you were that bad while cheating?? @Parker R

    1. Vac.


      Thats what I said! global banned retard!

    2. Parker R

      Parker R

      @Connor McGregor Imagine your entire bank being peach money... your the one who told randy about it HAHAHAHA

      its just a matter of time before admins find ur money in the logs

    3. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      Yea I'd make up stuff tok if I got 0 kills with silent aim and ESP. Tragic reaaly.

  4. Connor McGregor

  5. remove rain and night thanks.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. swervy
    3. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      no stop ruining my immersion

    4. indian


      Rain/Night cycles shut off for only s3

  6. Where's the 'God of war' title gone?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      Are you retarded?

    3. hawk


      1 hour ago, Connor McGregor said:

      Are you retarded?

      I believe the title needs to be fixed considering the stats got changed from Top War Points to Top War Kills

    4. TheCmdrRex


      Every stored procedures in the DB doesn’t work or doesn’t exist when they should. It’s not able to select the max. Fusah is working to get them back, and if not I will somehow have to find a workaround for it. - and stats page has nothing to do with it either. 

  7. Stop messaging me to sign your profile smh

    1. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      should you not be playing minecraft or something?

  8. Connor McGregor

  9. Connor McGregor

    Easy win @RikuQ @[df]Jaconite
  10. Connor McGregor

    Wasn't the case at all tho. We were waiting on DB before they dropped out.
  11. Connor McGregor

    The MVP makes no sense.
  12. Cancel this shit gang wars

    1. Millennium


      I mean u can leave if you would like

  13. this is a joke haha

  14. Connor McGregor

    Yeah this time try killing the enemies instead of your teammates.

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