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  1. Connor McGregor

  2. Connor McGregor

    3 times actually
  3. Really love your montages They make me not Hannah baker! thank you

    Edited by Diced
    1. Unjo


      Big fan

  4. Removes warzone spawns and almost tripled quilin prices but leaves in planes with 6.5 gatling guns on it... makes sense.

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    2. Trimorphious


      @Bahamut I mean i'm all for fighting in a city but a 10v10 on OG or meth cartel with ifrits is 20x more fun. About 2 years ago that was where the real fights were with MC and TI.

    3. JuanDeaged


      Now people won’t push in qilins :)

    4. Toasty


      @JuanDeaged no price is gonna stop me from pushing in my mini-ifrit!

  5. Connor McGregor

    so whens the next one
  6. and im back

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    2. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      Makes sense considering you couldn't kill me even with your cheats...

      Edited by Connor McGregor
    3. Lorax


      why would they unban such an obvious cheater?

    4. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      its fine to because I see your name through hills 

  7. So whens gangwars?

    1. Jamie


      when hitting people off gets hit off

    2. DeadPooL


      13 minutes ago, Jamie said:

      when hitting people off gets hit off

      @Excision Do your thing

    3. Savage


      Soooooo I'm with Connor...

  8. Selling 1k warpoints for 12k per point if you buy in bulk.

  9. Selling 1k warpoints 16k per point

  10. Selling 1.2k warpoints 16k per point

    1. DashTonic


      I'll pm you went I get home

  11. selling 16k a warpoint hmu

  12. 1300+ warpoints left for sale hmu

    1. jimjim1415


      Looking for RPG ammo.

  13. Selling 1600+ warpoints for cheap hmu

  14. Selling 1600+ warpoints post offers

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    2. Proud


      Does your store accept bitcoin? @Bow has a lot and he's looking for some war points.

    3. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      1 hour ago, Tb:) said:

      12.5K PER ill buy all of them

      you buying or?

    4. Parker Radley

      Parker Radley

      Ill take 1000 for some of my hair you fuckin baldy

  15. Selling 1600 warpoints post offers

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    2. NokiaStrong
    3. Majed


      3 crate abdera

    4. Adept


      11 coppers.

      Edited by Lord Touch Me-Sama

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