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Hey Olympus, some of you may or may not know who i am but i quit pretty recently and decided to come back. When i did play on the server it wasn't for probably about 8-10 weeks. While i played i had lots of fun playing with real life friends and rp'ing in game. Not only did a small gang of about four people that i knew play on the server, one had been playing for over a year. This player was decently known I would say and was apart of the APD. His IGN was "Thatanos." The four people that i played with attended school with me and during school we have a one and a half hour block named advisory. Pretty much a study hall for kids who don't do there work (aka no future type of kids.) But if you do your work you can pretty much do w/e you want for an hour and a half... Public school op. Anyway so me and Thatanos decided to be the most cringe worthy nerds you could possibly think of and sit in the back of the room with headphones and laptops and play video games. The first and last time we did it was about a month, maybe two months ago and we tried to play on Olympus in school but to no avail. (If you play on a laptop props to you cause no way could i play at 20 fps.) But as the people who knew of Thatanos probably know he was perma'd for harassment. Now here's where it get extremely irrational. I hadn't played on olympus for a long time due to grinding out CsGo. But i heard that there was a reset in the server when i was talking to the other 3 people that i played on Olympus with in school and I wanted to start playing again. So I re-installed arma 3 and booted it up. I tried to join Olympus and was greeted with this mind boggling message.


I had no idea what was going on so i submitted a ticket and to be fair, Hades was far from understanding. He thought that i was Thatanos just buying another account and trying to play again but as the people of the [Tree] clan know. (If they are still around i have no idea, cant enter server. Even Moob and Co. would probably remember me cause i clapped like 6 of them in a gang war.) The community knows we are not the same person but because of that day at school, our ip's were connected so our GUID's were connected under the same IP making it look like it was one of Thatanos' accounts. Thatanos has never once seen any information to either of my two accounts. I own two copies of arma 3, one of which is banned from the Wasteland and KOTH servers hostile takeover. So i bought another copy when it was on-sale so i could play with the same group of irl friends when we wanted to play either of those gamemodes.(Banned on first account cause of spawn killing with a jet.[Rip level 61 KOTH profile]) Which is pretty irrelevant but hey w/e. Both accounts are banned from Olympus because of me playing with both accounts on my own ip address. (again looks like Thatanos because they took the GUID that was under the schools ip and then traced it to my home ip and then banned all accounts connected to my home ip.

TL;DR Dont play with friends at a Lan party if you suspect them to break server rules cause every account connected to that IP will be banned even if proven other-wise.

Too Long;Cant Read : http://i.imgur.com/b74AFnk.jpg (Humorous joke.)

Forgot to add that nowhere in the rules or guidelines does it say that when a player is banned that they are permanently banned all accounts connected are banned other than the ban evasion rule which only applies to the player that was banned i assume. (Never banned once.)

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It should go with out saying that when someone is perma banned that all associated accounts are also banned.  I'm not sure why someone would think otherwise and it shouldn't have to be specified in the rules that that is the case.  Crying a river on the forums is not the way to go about making any kind of change.  The mature thing to do would be to keep discussion in your ticket or accept the decision of the Head Admin.

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Well since you decided to make this wonderful post I will let you know that I will no longer be replying to the ticket that was submitted. A few things were said back and forth trying to resolve this and the last thing you wrote was to speak with Ares regarding the situation. Had you been patient and waited for me to actually speak with him the outcome may have been different. From the posting here however it seems that you are in fact the same person that was banned and are just looking to cause even more issues then you have in the past.


Just to clarify once again, when an account is banned, we ban all the player accounts related to that player. We do this because the player has been permanently banned with at least one account, meaning they have done something fairly bad and they do not deserve to be on the servers even with a new account. To prevent further issues with the community we do what we can to prevent that player from coming back under different accounts, which many players have tried to do in the past. In this case, as I believe you are in fact the banned player, you made the comment that it didn't matter if I banned all your accounts you would simply buy more since you had money to burn.


So at this point since you clearly want the rest of the community to know what is going on I'll make it clear that the bans on all the account will not be lifted. If you had waited until I spoke with the other staff regarding this issue as you requested then the outcome could have possibly been different.

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