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Hi from Floyd

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I'm new to Altis Life and found the server quite by accident. After getting a few hours under my belt, I ventured into another (name withheld) server to see what differences in features/gameplay there may be.  Like one of the earlier posters, the maturity level on that server sent me packing.  As a hobby, I like to start up different servers and learn new things so I'm not unfamiliar with the lack of respect given by many of our latchkey youth. I'm an old codger by any measure, so my patience with them often runs thin....lol.  Glad I started here first.


I'm impressed by the credentials and the professionalism of the owners. The server runs great and the atmosphere is nice as well.  Kudos.



(B.S. in M.E.  circa 1980)

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I totally agree with jeeroy, as a Rust player I had a lot of troubles with servers and admin abuse. As the first server to start playing Altis life on I feel like I got a good one with active staff and staff that actually cares about what you want to see implemented and what you consider somewhat balanced. Admin abuse in rust was so common you mine as well login on every server in that game with the same name as admin so that when he spawns his leet loot you get the same things in your inventory. 


Also if you stay out of Kavala at max population nights you probably won't get trolled as much.

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