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  1. Bounties are the people on the wanted list. You can access the wanted list via the Y menu, or simply hitting the 1 key. find those names, and role play arresting them.
  2. Currently from what I'ce heard ArmA relied a lot of processor rather than graphics, just a heads up. But I run two 660Ti's and it smokes all games i throw at them, Graphics cards aren't too hard to choose really, just need to find a good balance between bitrate and vram.
  3. Can't believe I didn't see this until now. Farewell Termy. Was always fun playin' with you.
  4. Ooh, Apparently 500 posts makes me an "Olympus Guru". Deal with it.
  5. Well, I might as well make my 500th post here as well. This is a lot of time gone on these forums. BTW, what happened to the Members page?
  6. That was talked about when Zeus was still around, I think it was dropped.
  7. Top notch training from GG, I expected nothing less.
  8. Welcome paw, you're a good dude. Always enjoy playin' with you.
  9. Lol welcome to Olympus, even though you've been around a while.
  10. Well.. Late welcome Johnny boy. Good cop here. RP's well and knows his stuff.
  11. We've had the chance to meet on R&R, good dude. 10/10 would play with again.
  12. Bobey has the voice to act as your girl too Paw.
  13. As I'll mostly be doing R&R related stuff on my stream, I feel the title is appropriate. http://www.twitch.tv/snipermcrifletv/ Won't be entertaining, I promise you. <3
  14. From past experiences, the GA vest is amazing, i believe it has more armor than even the corporal vest, and it holds so much it's basically like a backpack.
  15. It's mostly Unturned, Arma 3, finishing off my prestiege in black ops 2 recently. I have a 14/14 normal Rogue on WoW. Decently geared wizard on D3, just most mainstream games, and some indie games on steam that i've beaten, ect ect.

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