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  1. Should I be the new fourm master now I don't play ? #newbojo

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    2. Lethals Loaded

      Lethals Loaded

      Another one that can't spell? Please no...

    3. SPBojo


      atleast i have a reason to my bad spelling, pvtwanted is just bad at it, muhaha

    4. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Learn basic spelling and grammar first, you pillock!

  2. pvtwanted

    Yep life can suck cheers Rick
  3. pvtwanted

    please note jopple is and was not to blame at the time i knew what i wanted to say but due to intoxicaction i was unable to say the words how i wanted moob in reguards i am leaving the sever and i wish you all the best , i enjoyed being apart of mc and im glad you gave me the chances to prove what i could do im sure mc will continue to grow and hopefully be the better gang on olympus iv had some great times but come to relise of late that times have changed since the sever i once knew , hades you once were the fairest man i knew but times have changed weather that be your attiude to having done the job for well over a year or what i cant say im not you.the staff have changed again have to deal with the same shit over and over can do that. gary i truly think you have stayed the same and been a fantastic player , at this point i have soberd up although my spelling still sucks but as the oldies knew it always did haha many of you have me on steam and i hope i still keep in contact =)
  4. pvtwanted

    iv been here over a year and had good times iv been though some rocky times as some peopl will know , with my familiy braking apart and have some medical conditions id rather not go into im sad to put my leave , iv had good times here , by now you can tell iv had a drink or 2 yesterday was a bad day for me and today becuase of spondy jopple and anthoer apd member woudl not help me in my time of need im leaving the sever ,thank you all for playing with me and i hope you all go on to betterthings , a small part of me hope im rememberd for the good times , there had been bad times but i hope i did more good than bad hades you were fair and i think toy do a good job gary i stil lwant me dinner fugi im sorrry moob iv lost a goodfreind but i will stil lalwsy rmember a guy who was there for me and seen my potienal ther eare meny more i cant name right now as im wasted but thansk to everyone who iv had the chance to play with good bye olypmus
  5. pvtwanted

    Well I guess this mean I can't ban evade ever stupid voice ..... lol
  6. pvtwanted

    My prays are with you im sorry to hear this has happend to a great person , the best people always suffer
  7. [mc] have already implied a rule within the gang were we will not rob smaller and low income players I'm going to add this thou , with mc not hunting the will only be hitting big boys so congratz you have forced out hand also The only other enjoyment is to play with cops and they get tired of it The way players can enjoy the game more is there needs to be new gangs that can oppose us and keep is occupied in sad about the fact crook disbanded as they were a good gang to fight with and that gave other players the chance to make money There are ways for players to make money thou and most of the time they can but I'm going. To add one last note Evan thou mc aren't robbing smaller guys others will
  8. pvtwanted

    load leathals while your all singing
  9. pvtwanted

  10. pvtwanted

    I'm gonna say my part too this . I don't live in the us I live in England - if I turned around and ram upto a police man and said I'm with Isis I would never see daylight again .... Freedom of speach is not world wide and you have to take into account of people who may have been directly affect by these grps . Next why don't you role play and make your own unique terrorist gro name that way you stick to rp ... And people won't get upset.
  11. pvtwanted

    Well today I hit 25 it's downhill from here
  12. pvtwanted

    Hades your time has come
  13. 25 today happy bday too me

    1. opponentmule2


      Yeye, someone buy him a chrome 50 cal off-road

    2. Papamunski


      happy baday mate....should be a new rule, on ya bday admins credit your bank account 1mil :)

    3. JayMull420


      Happy Birthday !!

  14. pvtwanted

    I have been told the 30 mins is only affected to hostages and not people restrained by the apd This rule stands as it would be easy to keep a situation unsafe by big gangs so there is no maximum timer as it resets everytime the area is unsafe agian

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