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Civilian Council Applications

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What is Civ Council?
The civilian council is a group of prominent members of the community that represent the civilian faction which is broken into the five main areas of the civilian life: cartels, runs, scats, vigis, and feds. The goal of the Civ Council is to give the civilians a voice in the staff meetings.

What does the Civ Council do?
Every other week, the council meets to discuss ideas or changes that directly affect the civ faction. The following week, the ideas are presented at the staff meeting.

An example roundtable blog can be viewed here.

You can find the public roster here.

The five categories:

  • Cartels: Prominent members of the community who actively fight cartels
  • Runs: Prominent members of the community who actively do lots of runs
  • Scats: Prominent members of the community who stay in cities and kill cops
  • Vigis: Prominent members of the community who are career vigilantes
  • Feds: Prominent members of the community who actively do federal events and love to fight cop



  • You must be active on the civilian faction (civ must be your primary faction)
  • You must be able to attend bi-weekly meetings on Sunday at 6pm EST
  • You must be experienced with the area of civilian life that you are applying for
  • You must not have been permanently banned in the past two months
  • Your application must be properly formatted and well thought out. Low effort apps will not be accepted (we’re not the APD, you can’t just write “I want to be civ council”)

How to apply:

  1. Click "Support" in the bar at the top of the website.
  2. Next click "New Request"
  3. Make sure the department is set to "Civilian Council Application"
  4. Fill out and complete the rest of the application and submit.

Application format
Your application must have a properly formatted title, or it will be denied. Please use the following: “<Name> - Civ Council <department>”, for example “DeadPooL - Civ Council Feds

In your application, include what would make you a good fit for the council in general and specifically for the council section you are applying for. This should be a well thought out and detailed response. You must include a few detailed ideas or changes that you would propose should you be accepted. Most of these ideas should be specific to the area of your application, but a couple of general ideas are also acceptable.


If you have previously submitted an application and had it denied, you are welcome to reapply after two weeks.

If you have been removed from civ council in the past and would like to rejoin, you can apply two months after your removal.

If you have any questions, feel free to send @Head Civilian Council a PM

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