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BurBan exploiting???

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Alright soo almost everyday when I'm just driving around living life I get a text from a BurBan member usually huskers saying "hands up or die" or some shit llike that, I usually end up dying but one of them ALWAYS goes to my body and their character does an animation with the hands going to my body as if they were grabbing something or searching my dead body, then they leave. when the medic comes and revives me I get up with only half the ammo I had or no ammo at all sometimes i lose my gun as well, I thought it was just a glitch but someone told me it was an exploit people did when you die, they press space bar on your dead body and it despawns mags you had. today they did it again but when i got up I still had my gun just no ammo but in the floor there was a sting as if it had been duplicated.


What is happening??? 

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Last tim I check they made to wear Civs would loose their Primaries if they were revived. 

No you keep your primary weapon when revived but if someone scroll wheels it off your dead body you will lose it when revived.

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Easiest way to fix this is when you get a text hands up or die, you  wreck them and chop their heli. This will probably make them think twice about messing with you again.



I'm a vigi so I can't really fight them off cause they have rebel gear but i'm switching to rebel when i get on so i can atleast try 


sting does shit with 9mm

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well no thats bullshit if we where just trying to be dicks i would just camp your body till the medic arrives and tell him not to revive soooo na m8 sounds like nonesence but maybe u find another example why burban should do that to make me think the same


Why are you talking for everyone? Huskers is usually the one doing it the most, everytime he kills me, he has done that

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