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Show us your beautiful faces!

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there used to be a post like this, but it died out, with alot of new members and people that have joined the community, i find it semi funny idea to start up a "expose yourself" thread again! 


Show us yourself, selfie or not selfie! (just no fucking duckfaces)


and seeing as i start the thread, il start it off! 



dont hate on the bathroom selfie you fucks. and yes, i am 10 years old.

i took this photo just 10 min ago to post on another subject and say "fuck u brennan" im not this badass 24/7 :o

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The first one is a beauty in action... the second is RIP the mullet.... but its almost back dont worry :) 


sorry for bad iphone quality rip

I will admit ive had the mullet longer but thats the only aside photo i have:(

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