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APD Master Handbook Update 03/08/21

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Chapter XI - Illegal Areas


  1. Any area marked with a red crosshatch is considered an illegal area, including active Banks, Jails, Blackwaters, and Federal Reserves.
  2. Officers must announce themselves when entering an illegal area with code 3.
    1. Code 3 automatically engages all armed civilians in the illegal area.
    2. Exception: No code 3 is needed when entering an active Federal Event, Bank or Art Gallery robbery.
    3. Exception: Officers may enter illegal areas with garages with the intent to pull vehicles if their vehicle has been damaged beyond repair. Officers may not interfere with any activities inside of the illegal area unless fired upon first.
  3. Illegal Areas may be patrolled every 15 minutes.
  4. Officers must not remain in, or monitor, an illegal area if there is no activity
    1. Looking into an illegal area is considered checking it.
  5. During situations inside of illegal areas, officers must respond in waves.
    1. Exception: An active Bank/Art gallery robbery

Chapter XII - Blue Zones[edit]

  1. Blue Zones (Server Rules Chapter 14)
    1. APD Officers may freely patrol Blue Zones.
    2. The APD Escort Event, Art Gallery & Pharmaceutical Robbery are Blue Zones.
      1. APD Officers responding to an active Art Gallery Robbery or a Pharmaceutical Robbery must respond code 3 or dark with the intent to verbally engage.
      2. APD Officers do not have to respond in waves to an active situation in a Blue Zone.

FTO Requirement Changes 

Eligibility to apply for FTO is now changed from 60 days TIG (Time In Grade) to 30 days TIG, further information for eligibility and requirements can be found on the post linked below.  




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