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For anyone wondering about plane runs

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( $120,000 - $210,000 ) + The initial $60,000 that you spent on starting the delivery back, so it will give you anywhere from $180,000 - $270,000 in cash per run. Each airfield has an ATM within 100m from the plane drop off. Careful of people hiding in buildings, they're looking to rob you before you make it to the ATM (Main Airfield and Salt Flats Air seem to be the most camped). Plane runs once good at flying take anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on what airfield you're heading towards. That means you net anywhere from $120,000 to $220,000 every 5 minutes. So about on average you profit $180,000 per single plane run. Assuming you get the farthest airfield each time, you can get anywhere from 10-12 runs in per hour (not accounting for getting robbed). Assuming you get 10-12 successful and efficient runs in per hour, and making on average $180,000 per run, you can make anywhere from $1,900,000 - $2,300,000 per hour. 

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