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Hello to the new folks.


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2 hours ago, Gunhand said:

Welcome to the Community/server from your friendly fat, old, vigi.

If you are new, and need some guidance on how to get started feel free to message me here or in game. Happy to help get your feet under you.

Have a great day.

So, you can call yourself fat, you don't get banned, but if I call you a fat man, I get banned for harrasement. Racism at its finest, #CancelOlympusEntertainment

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40 minutes ago, Gunhand said:

Well @ torre I was just making a joke based off the fact I used to constantly recieve messages about being fat, so I just figured I could laugh at myself a bit.

P.P.S I'm still much less fat than I was.

It seems that Gunhand has no problem being called fat, it's bsically common shit talk, seems a bit biased that people get banned for shit talking you.

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