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Xvideos aint what they used to be...

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Fully aware of exactly how cringe this is, so cringe reacts only.  

These kids just kept insisting I killed them from the water after they died.   I kept warning them to tell the truth, and they doubled down.  


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1 minute ago, Strafe said:


nothing about this freak is part time. 4000 hours in 3 years + 90 hr weeks.

We talked about this homie.  You need hobbies in your life that don't include talking about me.  Youre parents are worried about you.

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52 minutes ago, Chase- said:


8,760 yearly * 3 (years) = 26,280

3,902/26,280 = .148 = 14.8% of Anti's time is on Arma 3 in the last three years.

A full time job, on average, is 2,087 hours, a year. 2,087*3 = 6,261 hours over a three year time.

6,261/26,280 = .238 = 23.8%  of Anti's time (not estimating overtime) is at work.

A part-time job would be half of what the full time is (23.8%) but we have not estimated overtime, so once we plug in Anti's overtime, we can assume Anti plays Arma 3 part-time.

Therefore, making whatever xvideos guy that got fragged, a noob that lost a gunfight to a middle aged, part-time, Arma 3 player.




And people say college is a waste of time.

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