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New Robbery Event

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Place a large boat out on the east coast near moonshine dealer or south east near moonshine brewery. Make it a large boat like rebel boat, and have a vault that players can rob.

Cops would come on helicopters or boats. Maybe only allow when cops have access to a ghost hawk? It would be nice to have an event that is in the water where players would have a very hard time leaving.

What are yalls thoughts?

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1 hour ago, Clash said:

very bad idea because if theres only po's on they can only pull humming birds and would get shot out / titanedin like 10secs water events just don't work well in arma

Yeah what clash said.

Water combat in arma is just a no go. Buggy, cant shoot anyone under water unless you have a SDAR and cops cant really get on the boat if they are being sprayed at by LMGs

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