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1x Ak 12 GL w/ 7 tear gas rounds (offer)

1x Spar 16 GL w/ 7 tear gas rounds (offer)

1x Vermin Taser (offer)

1x LIM taser (1.2mil each)

3x TYPE 115 Tasers (1.25mil each)

1x CMR (400k)

1x MXM taser (800k each)

3x MX tasers (400k each)

3x Stings (200k each)

4x Zubr (75k each) (mags 50k each)

4x 4-five (100k each)

1x 6.5 sup (650k)

5x 5.8 sup (250k)

6x 3Rnd 3GL tear gas rounds for MX GL

4x SWAT BACKPACKS (200k each) 140 carry weight

1x Tier 4 vest (800k)

2x Titan Launcher (325 each)

1x ASP (300k)

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