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Need some help.

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Hey guy's so today I went to load up arma from the launcher and got this error "Blocked loading of file 'C:\Windows\System 32\wow64.dll" I have had this issue with arma 2 aswell it is a Battleye problem I am certain but I have no clue how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

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alot of people say that restarting there pc fixed it, so try that to begin with.

if that dosnt work, some people also mention firewall blocking some things. 


and the one that seems to have made it all work is this (quoted dirrectly from the forum): 

ok got it working. had to uninstall an old corrupt windows update

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Found this on a forum. Does not look to be that simple but if you know your way around command prompt it should not be a problem. 


  1. Procure a copy of WOW64.DLL located at C:\Windows\System32 from a different Windows 7 PC (I used a friend's PC). Copy it to a USB drive.

  2. Restart your PC in Safe Mode (press the F8 key during the boot process).

  3. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32, right-click on Wow64.dll and select Properties.

  4. Within the Wow64.dll Properties window, go to the Security tab and click on Advanced.

  5. Go to the Owner tab and change the Owner to Administrators (the current owner normally would be TrustedInstaller). Alternatively, this can also be achieved using an elevated Command Prompt:

    • Within the elevated Command Prompt, navigate to C:\Windows\System32

    • Enter the following command:


      You should receive a confirmation message saying "SUCCESS: The file (or folder): "filename" now owned by user "Computer Name\User name"."

    • Upon success, enter the following command:

      ICACLS WOW64.DLL /grant administrators:F
  6. Delete or move your current Wow64.dll to a different folder.

  7. Copy the external copy of Wow64.dll (from step 1 above) to your system's C:\Windows\System32 folder.

  8. Restart your PC normally.

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