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Locked Olympus General Rules (6-25-2015)

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Olympus General Rules

Breaking any of these rules may result in administrative action.

These are general rules to be used while in-game, on the website, forums, ect.


Chapter 1: Bans

  1. Issuing Bans & Times
    1. Ban lengths are at the discretion of the staff member issuing the ban.
    2. If you have previous bans then newer bans may have an increased length.
    3. We reserve the right to permaban a player that is causing multiple issues.
    4. If you have donated to the server(s) and issue a chargeback you may be permanently banned from all of our servers.
      1. The funds are used to pay for the servers, website, Teamspeak, ect and by doing this you are hurting the community.
      2. The rules regarding donations are clear so be sure to read them rules before donating.
  2. Ban Appeals
    1. If you do not agree with a ban then you must submit a proper appeal using the ticket system.
    2. The staff that issued the ban will leave a reply with any information.
    3. Do not send messages to admins on TS regarding the ban until after it has been looked at and replied to
    4. If you do not agree with the staff members choice after they have left a reply you may request an immediate higher-up staff member to look at the matter.
      1. The Head Admin will look at all replies from this point and the decision made will be final.
  3. Staff reserve the right to ban anyone they feel is deserving of one due to causing issues, being toxic, disruptive, ect.

Chapter 2: Teamspeak Rules

  1. Do not be disruptive or disrespectful while on our TS server
  2. If you are out of game or not playing a role use the AFK channel or leave TS
  3. If you need help then use the proper support channel or submit a ticket
    1. Do not spam messages to the admins/mods asking for help, we will see you in the room and assist when we have a moment to do so.
  4. If playing a whitelisted role make sure you are in the proper channel before connecting to the server
  5. Private TS channels may be made at request per the donation and gang guidelines
  6. If you fail to follow the above rules you may be banned from our TS server.

Chapter 3: Streams

  1. While streaming on our server(s) you are expected to still follow all server rules.
  2. Do not come onto our server just to troll and give your audience something "fun" to watch.
  3. We do NOT require you to advertise our servers while playing but you are welcome to.
    1. If you would like to use our server icon you are welcome to.
  4. If you are streaming and break rules we can use that as evidence for a ban.
  5. If you are caught stream sniping a streamer you may be banned for it.

Chapter 4: Forum Use



  1. We have an open forum for all player to use..
  2. Do not be disruptive or toxic
  3. Do not start "Flame Wars"
  4. Do not post things that will be hateful, racial, derogatory, sexual, ect on the forums
  5. Do not post player reports, ban appeals, comp claims, ect on the forums, we have a ticket system for them.
    1. You are welcome to ask question regarding these sort of things but do not directly implicate players in them.
  6. Each person is limited to one forum account
    1. Creating alternate forum accounts for the intent of down-voting, up-voting, toxic posting, etc is not allowed

Chapter 5: Naming Policy 

  1. Do not use names that are associated with extremist groups
  2. Do not use vulgar, racist, sexist, ect type names
  3. Do not use a tag in your name that begins with [OS] as this is reserved for staff members only
  4. Do not use names such as Admin, Moderator, Administrator, ect
  5. Your name in game must be easily distinguishable from other names on the server. These names must be easily pronounced, and tags must relate to your gang name. Use your common sense, any names that do not fall within this rule will result in administrative punishment.
  6. Gang tags must relate to your gang name and must be distinguishable.

Chapter 6: Staff

  1. Do not become abusive with staff members
  2. If you do not agree with something a staff member has done then send a PM to the Head Admin here on the forums with any info and proof you have.

Chapter 7: Hacking/Exploiting/Cheating

  1. Do not dupe items in anyway
  2. Do not hack items or use items for purposes other then what they are meant for.
    1. If you believe something is a hacked item then report it and leave it alone
  3. Don't cheat
  4. Do not use hack menus or scripting that is outside the scope of the server
  5. Exploiting bugs or broken game mechanics is not allowed.

Chapter 8: Advertising

  1. While you play on our servers do not advertise other servers
  2. We understand there are other servers out there and we understand some players like to play on them as well as ours. This is fine but we do not wish to see advertising regarding these other servers if they are a game server we currently host
  3. This includes on our teamspeak, website or any other area related to Olympus.
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