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Locked Server Rule Update 03/11/2023

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The following is the rule update:

Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM]

2. If someone commits a direct hostile action to you, you may kill them.

3. Example: Lockpicking/stealing your vehicle, rotor tapping, bolt cutting, shooting you with a flare gun, attempting to escort hostages physically interacting with your hostages.

Chapter 2: No Vehicular Manslaughter [VDM]

2. Players can not kill shoot another player that has been downed by a vehicle.

Chapter 14: Blue Zones

2. Civilians cannot kill shoot other civilians on sight within Blue Zones without any role-play. RDM rules for civilian on civilian engagements is still enforced in Blue Zones.

Chapter 22: War

3. When gangs are at war, they will see their warring enemies names in red. If you are in a gang and you see someone's name in red, you may kill shoot them WITHOUT engagement whether they are on foot or in a vehicle. This applies to all weapons, including explosives.


The following is cleanup for redundant/common sense stuff or stuff that's already better served on the wiki:

These are still a thing, it just doesn't need to be in the rules.

Chapter 3: No Random Vehicle/Item Destruction

2. Do not use items for purposes other then what they are meant for.

This is covered under exploiting

3. Administrators reserve the right to remove money from your account to compensate another player if you purposely caused a loss.

This is common sense

Chapter 10: Terror & HQ Takeover

1. Terror

I've changed or removed a lot of this sub-section, most of it is better served on the wiki

Chapter 11: New Life Rule

3. If APD die in an illegal area they are to return in waves. (Described more in detail in the APD Handbook)

    Exception: Bank events are exempt from wave rule if there are 5 or less officers responding to the bank robbery.

Covered in APD Handbook

Chapter 13: Red Zone / Illegal Zone / Rebel Outposts

2. APD may patrol red zones excluding Rebel outposts every 15 minutes

Covered in APD Handbook

Chapter 14: Blue Zones

3. For APD Blue Zone rules refer to the APD Handbook

Covered in APD Handbook

Chapter 21: Workers Protection License (WPL)

2. License holders are authorized to legally carry and utilize a Katiba Carbine, MXC, SPAR-16 (Khaki), TRG20 5.56 rifle, Vermin SMG .45ACP, 4-Five, and ACP-C2 0.45 handgun.

    1. Those in possession of a WPL weapon Katiba Carbine, MXC, SPAR-16 (Khaki), TRG20, Vermin, 4-Five, and ACP-C2 0.45 are subject to license checks by any APD officer.

This is better served on the wiki

Chapter 22: War

1. War is something that gangs can participate in by having a Rank 4+ member of one gang click on the wars button in the gang tab of the Y menu and selecting a gang from the drop down list.
    1. Once done, the other Rank 4+ member will get a notification to accept or decline the war. Should he accept, all members of both gangs should get a notification that they are at war as well as what gang they are at war with.
2. Either gang can end a war at will.
4. The war system will reward individuals with points based on the kills they get on enemy warring gangs. The amount of points varies based on the loadout of the person who dies, the loadout of the person who killed them, and the distance between the two.
5. These points can be used to buy equipment you can't otherwise buy, such as ammo for some of the BW weapons, CSAT clothing, at war point shops located at rebel outposts.
6. Since this gives you points that will be of tangible benefit, this also means you will be banned if you're found abusing the system to farm points illegitimately.You will be banned if you're found abusing the system to farm war points illegitimately.

This is better served on the wiki

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