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Dayz adventure with Bamon Williams

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Here you can see me and Bamon Williams, Bamon found this helicrash. Unfortunately we dident find anything good in this helicrash

Right after the screenshot me and Bamon heard some shots going off, so we go off to look what was going on, We stumbled upon 3 armed players, 2 of them were in a group together. Bamon goes full Conan mode and rushes down there with his MP5K and i stay on our hill with my Longhorn. I decide to take some shots at them, i miss a couple of shots and finally i hit him. clean in the head.




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I remember the days when we would walk into Berezino on a full pop server with nothing but pitchforks and a sporter 22 between like 5 of us, and after about 30 mins we would all walk away fully stacked with m4's and akm's the works. Good times.

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