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Jbox88 - Introduction

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In game I'm Jbox88, my real name is Dustin. I'm 26 years of age, work in the tech industry and consider myself an avid gamer. 

In game I've become fairly accustom to regulations of Atlis Life and enjoy meeting new people that do not simply hold me up. If you see me around, please feel free to suggest we form a group, I'm usually down for running just about anything :). If I'm holding you up and you recognize me, say a joke and that you know me, I'll probably respond with another joke and suggest we group! 

Best experience thus far was when I first started and asked for directions. The individual whom I do not recall the name unfortunately, provided perfect instructions, mentioned if I needed any further help to just ask and I said thank you. Upon completing our conversation he said, "Oh, and just to get you going on Atlis life, please drop hold up your hands and drop your clothes on the ground, you're being held up". cops of course saved me. But the fact that this happened 5 min on the server was pretty funny and memorable.

On that note, just to be clear I've been on the server for sometime now, just felt I wanted to get an intro on the forum as I hope to become a respectable APD officer in the near future.

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Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay hear at this community. and I wish you luck to become a future APD Officer. Btw, don't sweat the interview if you do apply and get accepted for an interview. It isn't something that's gonna end your life, it's a interview. Like a job, but in a game. #Study

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Welcome to Olympus Dustin.  I may have seen you around but there is another Dustin so I am not sure :(.  Anyway, feel free to ask for help ok?  We are more than willing.  And welcome again to the best community out there! 

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I've been on the server I believe for a little over a week now, not very long. 

There has been a lot of entertaining moments on the server, though today I've been encountering quite a few kids that just figured out they have a "penis" apparently :P. In any case, thanks for the warm welcome, wish I introduced myself sooner. But as I mentioned, I'm hoping to involve myself in a APD role and certainly be closer to the community. Figured being involved here just made sense :). 

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