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WTF is wrong with Medics

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so i see calling for a medic is basically useless unless you hang with the cool kids..twice in kavala i requested a medic and had to wait so long i was able to respawn without breaking NLR.. i understand that it can get hectic as ive been a medic once myself, i would understand if there was just 1 medic online and he was on the other side of the map but its a bit hard to understand when you have 3 medics online and you have a medic that is hovering within 50m for several minutes only to run past  or drive past you and see they are just reviving higher ups/staff and people associate with these groups.

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Why would you come on the fourms to bash medics?  Your comments while in game did not go unnoticed.  Comments such as those can get your services denied.  Tman was patrolling near Athira.  I was flying all over the map getting people.  The medic in Kavala was detained by a rogue cop and couldnt move.  We try our best to get everyone as quickly as we can.  Anyone that knows me knows that I do not play favorites with anyone. Insinuating that I do is insulting.  Also, complaining on the server and then bringing it on the forums is not a cool move either. I thought better of you Papamunski.  Im a little disappointed.   

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the guy in kavala was not detained by the cops, he drove straight past me.. like i stated i understand when medics are off in other areas of the map but when a medic drives right past or walks right past you to go revive staff that are 500m down the road, thats hardly detained...you can take it super personally if you like mate, but what i said in the server was never directed at you and i called that person out, and i dont really care if what i said would get services denied because i wasn't being provided a service in the first place hence my complaining... and also i thought forums were the place to bring complaint? i am not dropping names or singling people out so i dont see much of a problem, people can complain about other areas concerning olympus why not R&R..

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Because  R&R is awesome!  Sorry you didnt get a res man.  If he ran right past you he was in the wrong and I have nothing to say.  I will have a word with that particular medic.  I am all for bringing stuff up in the forums.  Though, unless this happens often, it seems harsh to make a post saying WTF is wrong with medic(s) because of one bad experience.  Just sayin.

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not true nothing to do with the cool kids in my case. i revive anyone who requests unless they dc ie combat log or are generally a dick or being an over all asshole. idk who that medic was or when this happened but im not like that as for the rest i cant comment. most as far as i know do revive everyone odd mentality not to if you are right there ....

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i did make this post in the heat of the moment so my wording and title is a bit harsh i'l admit,but hey 1 or 2 dummy spits within the year iv'e been playin on this server is pretty good imo haha just it happened twice in a row with 2 particular medics...half hour in total waiting to have 2 medics run past lol...i know 3/4 of R&R are upstanding people.

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I've Also Noticed Medics like to hang out with there Gang or Associates (Although this may not be Aloud), But I've also noticed Some Medics will drive 13KM, Dive down 500 Meters and Paradrop into Kavala To save a Poor Soul. So I just assume that there are good medics and some medics that are Civilians with magic powers

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If you see medics hanging out with their gang, or being bias, let a coordinator know and we will nip that in the butt immediately.  Also, if a medic is running past you and ignoring you and you have not been officially denied services for something legit report it to Odin, Theseus, Tman, or myself.  If there are multiple medics on, see if you can get the attention of a different medic to come and get you.  As was stated, some medics are good, others, not so much.

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If a Medic is doing anything against that rules that is out of the Minor, tell any of the Coordinators, tell Odin, tell anyone. You might not think so but Medics have it hard when people Complain, if you have a problem with Medics then don't request a revive the next time you die. That simple, it might not seem that way but I can damn sure tell you that it is. This is one of the main reasons we don't have that many Medics on as much as we used to, if you don't like what some Medics do then report it to someone that can do something about it and don't make a worthless post on the forums. I'm not trying to be harsh, just try to take matters into your own hands and tell someone if a Medic is breaking the rules.

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