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Not much to say, I'm part of the APD cadet program, happy to be there.  I'm trying to clean up the streets in the early morning hours. (EST)

I'm older than most, but I still know how to play and accept new diversities in games with RP involved. 

I'm here to Play the crap out of this game.

I'm here to be the best at what I do (APD department) and learn as much as i can from my superiors.

I'm also here to cause untamed Havoc on as a Civ and just make the game fun and exciting for all.


Thats pretty much it, anything else you want to know just ask.





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Welcome to the APD,

Let's hope that you keep to that list as much as possible :P

Also, make sure that the "untamed Havoc" that you proposed doesn't bring back bad memories of mine.

Haha yes sir we know what your past holds,  pure terror on all!! haha

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