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Sling Loading?


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It works great, what you have to do:

1. get a tow hook and sling

2. get the vehicle you want to sling

3. use the tow hook and sling on the vehicle

4. get a heli that will be able to sling that vehicle

5. fly above it and scroll wheel till you see "hook"

6 hook it and fly away

7. if you want to unhook scroll wheel till you see "unhook"

hope this helps you

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6 minutes ago, Juwanna Man said:

Upgrade the box truck and leave the orca alone I believe adding tier makes the vehicle lighter.(correct me if I'm wrong)

you are correct

This is the default weights without any upgrades what you can sling with what 

Helicopters with the Sling Load ability:

·         MH-9 Hummingbird: 0.5 tonnes (500kg)

·         PO-30 Orca: 2 tonnes (2000kg)

·         WY-55 Hellcat: 2 tonnes (2000kg)

·         UH-80 Ghost Hawk: 4 tonnes (4000kg)

·         CH-49 Mohawk: 4 tonnes (4000kg)

·         Huron: 10 tonnes (10 000kg)

·         Taru: 12 tonnes (12 000kg)

Sling Loadable vehicles 


Wheeled vehicles

·         Kart: 150 kg

·         Quad bike: 280,8 kg

·         Hatchback: 1090 kg

·         Hatchback (sport): 1090 kg

·         SUV: 1600 kg

·         Offroad: 1615 kg

·         Offroad (armed): 1615 kg

·         Truck: 2400,04 kg

·         Truck Boxer: 2509,4 kg

·         Hunter: 8306,6 kg

·         Ifrit: 8392 kg

·         Zamak Transport (covered): 9375,48 kg

·         Strider: 9700 kg

·         HEMTT 10 842,8 kg

·         Zamak Transport: 10 867,8 kg

·         HEMTT Transport: 10 942,9 kg (untested)

·         HEMTT Transport Covered: 11 026,2 kg

Water vehicles

·         Assault boat: 565 kg

·         Rescue boat: 565 kg

·         SDV: 2600 kg

Note: Not the motor boats!


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  • Admin

Not to be the buzz kill but as soon as someone sees a HURON slinging a Hemmett?.  YOU my good sir are going to be followed until YOU are killed for both. :) 

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