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4 minutes ago, Joel said:

Report It.

If its from In-game...

Well he was screaming at me saying he was gonna ddos me meh Ill report it tonight.

4 minutes ago, Sociopathic said:

Well it depends, is it some 12 year old screaming he's gonna ddos you cause you robbed him of his peaches?

I say, the only solution is to ddos them first.


HAHAHAHA Love you!

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The way I handle it is that if the DDOS threats are done within Olympus grounds ie: TS, forums and/or servers then I'll deal with it appropriately. Anything outside of that is not really our responsibility. 

Also, @Thomas Blinder your avatar. Oh god. 

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  • Admin

I cringe at all the people that cringe because it is KOOL to cringe at anything that doesn't seem to KOOL at your level. I CRINGE at that ;):Kappa: 

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Just now, Thomas Blinder said:

I can only give 10 likes a day! I can't give anymore! @Bubbaloo HELP 

I'm about to give you a -1 for that avatar. Creepy. 

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