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Teamspeak Tip for Multiple PC Users

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Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone had the same questions I did. I found a guide for exporting teamspeak identities, for those who want to play ARMA (or use Teamspeak) on a different computer whilst still using their tags and privileges.


It's really pretty simple, but for someone who has no idea where to start it is a big help.

Basically all you have to do is export your teamspeak identity on the computer you were first tagged on. This then creates a setup file which you can take to any computer and have it imported for use there. Be sure to keep it safe. We don't want anyone falling victim to identity theft. Also, if you use teamspeak bookmarks, you can choose which identity you use for each bookmark individually just in case you want to also use the default identity on the second computer.

P.S. if anyone reading this could move it to the Guides section of the community I would appreciate it. If nothing else I can remake the post.

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