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Over the past week I have noticed vigis changing alot. A month ago you could find maybe one, or two vigis in kavala square just chilling. But today I see packs of them. Six, seven, even eight vigis in a group with one "leader" that tells them what to do. And its like whenever I go to the square, the surround me! Almost as if they are drooling over the thought of my shiny blue uniform... Anyone have any idea why they do this?71B83A8793AB931340B1E631F62E5D157788D9DE (1920×1080)

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This isn't uncommon. Vigis have done this before in the past. A lot of gangs have entertained the thought of going full vigi force once upon a time and tried it.


I remember doing it at one point, just rolling around as a vigi in the midst of cartel fights. Was hilarious to take them to jail or execute them on the cartel.

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13 hours ago, ShoGames said:

The young vigis can smell your fear, and will attempt to rob you with tazers for your juicy uniform.

I know! I was waiting for them to all point guns at me and take me hostage! Thankfully I did not get robbed of my shiny blue uniform.

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