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Locked The parasites of Olympus

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To start off I would like to say I am simply stating my opinion and reaching out to the community through the forums. All though we are in 2016 I am hoping that the majority of you will be able to exert some maturity throughout this topic. (Please staff if this becomes constant flame and random bullshit simply close it, thanks) 

Now I would first like to talk about the parasites of our community in general. There are not to many of them but there presense is still deeply felt throughout the community. These people I am talking about are the rule breakers, the cheaters, the dupers, and the all around salty douchy horrible people that we sadly encounter each and everyday. Luckily we have the staff team to weed these players out with the help of the community and the reports they submit. It seems that sometimes this system we have seems to glitch or malfunction and people such as rusty and 3rip mbpslayer and more (yes i know mbp is now permed but it sure took a damn while). What is a perm ban if it is not perminant? There are some people like the ones I listed above who cant seem to get there acts together and they are the big nasty parasites, yet again, we do have a cure. That of which is a perm ban, an ACTUAL PERM, but sadly I am not so sure those exist. If there was any real proof submitted to disprove what these people were permed for in the first place, why were they lifted? The staff team I know takes action when rules are broken and I am simply curious as to why these people are exceptions? Does it not concern any of you that outstanding members of our community such as Corporal Moob, a person who runs one of the most successfull gangs on this server and a lieutenant in the APD vowed to quit if 3-rips ban was lifted and has followed through with his promise? We need to keep our server clean of these parasites and if a perm ban never sticks I have real worries for the future. There is a reason that history is taught, and that is so that it does not repeat itself, and this my friends is a repeat.  So i would simply like to know, why were these people given 2nd or third chances? They knew what the consequences of their actions would be and they went through with them anyway. 

To those of you thinking of flaming in the chat please remember that you will only be further proving my point, i will not respond to you, I will not acknowledge you, I will let you sit there and be the little parasite that you are. 

If I am wrong and these people were unbanned for just reasons I apologize to you, like I said I simply want information and to let others know my view on the matter. 

Have a lovely day, lets keep this community clean.


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This is a perfect example of a flame post. I'll try to answer your question, but this post is locked and will not continue.


Rusty was permed after having 2 bans recent to his perm. A 7 day, a 14 day NLR, and then a perm for harassment. People seem to think he was given too many chances. But the reality is he was given fewer chances than most because of his attitude. We righted that wrong.

Sure Rusty may be an asshole, but we don't have rules against being an asshole.


3 Rip's perm was found to be unjust. There was a severe lack of evidence to him hacking, and nothing but a couple sketchy clips from his own montages that were hardly convincing on their own.

We righted a wrong here too.


If someone is going to leave because they don't agree with a ban(Or unban in this case), that's just childish. 


Sometimes we make mistakes when we ban folks. We try to make these mistakes right when we can. We're all human after all.


This has nothing to do with whether or not perms are permanent or not. These are two examples where the individuals permed were found to be wrongfully sentenced. 

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