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Hi Sho here

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Hi I'm Sho, I'm from the UK (Liverpool) and I've just bought Arma 3[break1][/break1] I bought Arma 3 as it's on special offer on Steam (30% reduced price for those that might be considering buying it by the way, until the 30th June)[break1][/break1] Why did I buy Arma 3, well it's not to play the game that's for sure, same as I have Arma 2 and never played it[break1][/break1] Yup you guessed it, I bought both games for the mods, Day Z Epoch and Altis life[break1][/break1] You may think its odd that a limey is on a US server and not a UK/EU server, well that's because I work nights and am awake at silly o'clock[break1][/break1] In fact, I'm in work now using works WiFi (which is rubbish lol)[break1][/break1] I haven't actually played on this server yet as I don't want to be a civilian, nope I want to be a Police Officer, so I'm waiting to see if I get accepted so I can play (hopefully before I finish work in 3 hours) when I get home[break1][/break1] Failing getting accepted into the APD, then I'll see about being a Medic, I'm bored with killing people and running around collecting things (I think too much Day Z), so we will see what happens, that aside I hope to speak to you all in game soon[break1][/break1] As a side note, you American types will have to get used to some English words, words like nugget, kosh, meff and many more lol[break1][/break1] Anyway TTFN Sho[break1][/break1]

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Welcome to Olympus Sho[break1][/break1] We need EU players especially as cops, but if you haven't played as a civilian yet then I suggest you do because you need to get a feel on where everything is and how everything works[break1][/break1] You'll be a better cop[break1][/break1] Also if you haven't read the police rules, guidelines and procedures[break1][/break1] Also this mod is in no way similar to dayz, it's not just about killing and collecting things[break1][/break1] Go and RP you'll find it's very fun[break1][/break1]

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Thanks Deimos[break1][/break1] I've passed the test for being a Police Officer, just have to play as a Civilian for a few days to get My eye in as it were[break1][/break1] I was thinking of buying a Taxi License but I've no idea how that works[break1][/break1] Checked all over the internet and cannot find anything about it[break1][/break1] I'm a cabby in real life, so I know what I'm doing, but in the game, no idea[break1][/break1] It's also 80k for the license as well, ouch lots of apples needed lol[break1][/break1] P[break1][/break1]S[break1][/break1] So I've bought the License and can't buy a taxi and when I go see the Taxi bloke on the map, all that is, is a garage that stores cars, so hmmm[break1][/break1]

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I figured out how to buy a Taxi and I was rolling round in one[break1][/break1] Not an actual point to the taxi if I'm honest (if there is I ain't figured it out lol)[break1][/break1] Still its interesting to bumble around in one, not something you see all the time that's for sure[break1][/break1]

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