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Locked pointing a gun is engagement now?

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i get i shouldnt say im getting you banned but for real pointing a gun at someone u can be shot now?

and how is it insufficient evidence a 5 min vid of me not engaging them nor them engaging  me im just confused trying to figure out what i did wrong with my video ... any suggestions would help for future player reports ... thank you

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@notabanana No, Pointing a gun is not engagement. As you can see here at the bottom, pointing a gun is someone's General Direction is not engagement. The Admins decipher whether or not a case is RDM. If They're not sure, they ask for assistance from their fellow team. That's what makes our Staff great here on Olympus, We have a great balance of people and opinions to choose from and debate with. If Tman thought this was RDM then he would have gave his justified result that it was RDM. If you were pointing your gun by the vigi shop and they shot you he might say that was RDM depending on the circumstances.  If you were pointing your gun directly at someone and your acting hostile or your moving up on them and pulling your gun up, he might say it isn't RDM. Making post such as these is not necessary, and if you have an issue with a response then rate it what you believe is correct and type a message out asking why he said what he said. That's the reason for the response system. All in All, the Admins have the final say in reports.


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Unhid and locked it instead.


As always, if you're unsatisfied with a response on a ticket you can ask for a different Admin to review it once.


Go here and submit again if you're unsatisfied: http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/


Beyond that if you get two of the same verdicts then it's set in stone.


Disclaimer: I have no idea what this is about, I'm at work. Just informing you of the options you have.

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