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  1. Nice to meet you! It's definitely different around here. I hope you enjoy your time.
  2. Happy birthday, @Doc! I hope you had fun. :D

  3. @Dezree, although I'm unsure as to whether or not you've left the forums completely, due to my inactivity I never got around to seeing this until now. It's honestly horrible what people can do. Most people are scared to stand up to a force, even this pathetic, but those who commit the malicious acts themselves are the most fearful of standing up to something bigger; fearful of changing themselves for the better. I wish you luck wherever you go, and I pray that you will find a position or activity to do with your time where you can meet new people. One where you get treated better. My wishes goodbye, ~Nic
  4. See you soon Watermelone! We need your RP!!!!!!!
  5. Captor 1: "Well... What should we ask for?" Captor 2: "I Know!! Cops Obviously have Zafirs and that's how they tase us every day! Get one of those!" Makes Sense
  6. 1 hour and 2 pages already. Wow. SENIOR Support. Enjoy your tag.
  7. Haven't seen you in quite a while, do you still play sometimes? We want you in game. :D

  8. "I wouldn't want you on medic neither "
  9. I don't understand why people come to go through all the trouble of creating a forum account and posting bad things about a successful server on the forums... Your free to leave. Olympus is a successful community without people like you. Please troll elsewhere.
  10. @McDili Sounds Interesting. I'll want to check it out even though I never do jailbreaks.
  11. ^^ Yeah, Haven't seen it yet.
  12. To answer your question, No.
  13. I'm normally fine on the FPS when I go near a hospital, but like Solomon said, I need to wait a bit when I spawn in on medic. I run everything on low with V-Sync off and my in-game phone settings are very low, too. I normally get around 30 FPS. Thanks Arma.

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