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  1. Happy birthday to my nigga @GummyCow

    1. Cake


      Don't be using that language mr please and thank u

  2. Olympus admins slapping bans out like its nothing well done on banning them dumb medics
  3. Agree with you this time fuzy lad Also mercury you are acting like a child. Stop rn
  4. wait is it out right now ?
  5. I guess im getting permed boys. Rip

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Poseidon


      Probably, idk if checked the thread but the ban needs to have happened in the last 210 days

    3. Rusty


      oh mine is 313 days so i think im fine lol :)

    4. Josh122


      Well looks like I'm good my vac is over 800 days now

  6. Am i aloud to have a no recoil script during this?
  7. ...........

    Edited by Rusty
  8. You was a awful designer and you need to go die irl my roast
  9. thanks lad. i try not to be
  10. Ok if you can role around on you're ones then fuck off.
  11. Goat ill snap you're jaw clean of you're face fam.
  12. apd sucks bunch of clueless mongs running round now.
  13. Some people are toxic, Some people aint, whats your point big lad?
  14. ^ To everyone who's got me permed because i bullied them
  15. Hey admins can i be OS. you giving to many randoms OS nowadays. Ill apply soon.