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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.

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  1. John Winkle

    why don't you come make me? or are you stuck in ur chair from ur fatass?
  2. John Winkle

    trash? have you seen the shit you post?
  3. John Winkle

    jokes on you, fools like you never get unbanned.
  4. John Winkle

    bitch, square up
  5. John Winkle

    don't underestimate how broken rooks are
  6. John Winkle

    As far as im aware. Shooting tires before engagement is considered “scating” rules, which isnt allowed. But rotor tapping is fine as long as they don’t explode.
  7. Gotta disagree. I actually enjoy Deputy Dog
  8. Its not the ranks, its the people that are just like that. Those type of people are the only people to get promoted up to the higher ranks.
  9. John Winkle

    what if, if the person jumps out before the taxi has reached the requested location (aka to stop people from abusing it) it sends out some type of alarm. Not really sure how it would work, maybe the car could honk, it could send a signal to the cops or something. Since there are MAYBE 5 dedicated taxi drivers, I think this might be useful and wouldn't be abused. And ik ik, you think the cops would get annoyed, so don't make it pop up on the screen, just have a system like the medic panic button. If the alarm goes off, it makes a marker on the map for cops to see. It could also automatically add a charge to the person. Maybe something like "Taxi Robbery" for something like 10k
  10. John Winkle

    Maybe add a one-time button that would disable it early if the player wanted to? So if a player is scared that people would take advantage of him having no knowledge of the server, they could disable the feature. This would also be useful if a player breaks the rules. It wouldnt make new players immune to the rules, but you would be able to tell if the guy is new, or if hes just being an asshole.
  11. What if new players, with less than lets say 24 hours on the server, have a blue name tag to show they’re new? This would give the new players more of a chance to make money becuase people will know their new and maybe even help them learn about the server. It would also lower the chance they get robbed because some players on the sever have remorse.
  12. John Winkle

  13. John Winkle

  14. John Winkle

    I personally like this new stats idea. Everyone against it is just bitching to bitch. Be happy you can even see the stats, who cares if someone can see what runs you do, maybe its time you switch it up a bit.

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